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Nicholas Roller

Nicholas Roller was born and raised in small town North Dakota. He later moved to Fargo where he received his Bachelor's in Political Science from North Dakota  State University.  Following his time in Fargo, Nicholas moved to Grand Forks to pursue his Juris Doctorate at the University of North Dakota. He was then admitted to the North Dakota Bar Association in 2017. 


Nicholas has truly experienced every slice of life North Dakota has to offer. 

If you ask other attorneys and those who know him best, one of the first words you'll hear to describe Nicholas Roller is genuine. Mr. Roller is a man who has never been afraid to cut his own path, and do things his own way. He means what he says, and says what he means. "I always surprise on first impression, I'm not what people expect an attorney to be. I'm fond of saying 'I don't look like other lawyers, because I'm not other lawyers.' I'm determined to stand out, do it differently, and do it better. I think that shows." ​

Roller Law is currently based out of Grand Forks, ND but is available anywhere in the State of North Dakota.  He currently resides in Grand Forks with his family where he can often be seen in a band t-shirt and torn jeans. He is passionate about being a father, music, and politics.

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His communication skills are something to be admired. That also includes his patience in, otherwise, difficult situations.

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[Nick] he knows his stuff and he is very passionate and tenacious. Always answered questions in a timely manner, was always very honest with me, and really made me feel comfortable and safe.

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His response times where incredible did everything I asked of him and much more. [He] Was able to explain how everything worked in a manner that I could easily understand. I currently resort to him for all my legal council, and refer anyone who has legal questions and troubles etc.

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Calling by phone is the quickest way to reach me directly, but email is checked multiple times daily!


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