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As Roller

Honesty | Dedication | Results

Nicholas Roller doesn't look like every other lawyer, because he isn't every other lawyer.

Licensed in the State of North Dakota
(ND Bar ID  #08640)

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His communication skills are something to be admired. That also includes his patience in, otherwise, difficult situations.

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[Nick] he knows his stuff and he is very passionate and tenacious. Always answered questions in a timely manner, was always very honest with me, and really made me feel comfortable and safe.

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His response times where incredible did everything I asked of him and much more. [He] Was able to explain how everything worked in a manner that I could easily understand. I currently resort to him for all my legal council, and refer anyone who has legal questions and troubles etc.

My Mission

“One of the most important, and undervalued qualities of a successful attorney is the ability to relate to every client and every client’s unique situation. This is why I put communication and compassion at the forefront of my work, bringing my clients a truly human solution for their legal concerns."​

- Nicholas Roller

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Areas of Practice
Licensed in the State of North Dakota

Criminal Defense

Engaging with the criminal justice system can be an overwhelming experience. A criminal defendant is immediately bombarded with confusing terminology and murky distinctions. To make matters worse, it can be impossible to know who has your best interest in mind, and who is just looking to add a notch to their belt. Having someone you can trust to guide you removes the stress of dealing with process so you can focus on what matters most- getting back to normal life and moving on. 

Nicholas Roller will waste no time in getting to work for you to make sure your rights are protected, your criminal process is fair, and you get the outcome you deserve. 

Family Law

Family Law is a general term that covers a wide array of topics. Most commonly, people associate family practice with divorce and custody. 

Family Law is more than just this however, if you have questions about child support, adoption, name changes, or older family members, Nicholas Roller is the person to call when you want the answers you need most. 

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General Civil Litigation

Questions about a contract? Does someone owe you money? Were you involved in a vehicle accident? Or have you heard "I apologize, but that's a civil matter and there's nothing we can do about it?" Call Nicholas Roller, and let's put together a plan on what we are going to do about it.

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